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tinybirdfriend calm down.

I just think of; “LOVE ME! LOVE ME! MATE WITH ME! MAKE BABIES!” and the other is like “Get your stinking ass feathers out of my face.”

Okay seriously, Wannabe is playing right now and this goes with it way too well.

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please read nanatsu no taizai it has anime in october also with godly casts srsly

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My special talent is writing sad fanfics and crying about them later.

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Nanatsu no Taizai Animated PV

PV Translation:

Elizabeth: That symbol is… A beast- No, a dragon…!
Text: The curtain on the royal road sin of sins fantasy rises!
Elizabeth: I’m searching… For The Seven Deadly Sins.
Hawk: I’m a super villain, you know?
Man: It’s decided. Princess Elizabeth!
Elizabeth: The ones really harming the people are the Holy Knights!
Meliodas: Do you know who I am now? Sin of Wrath. Dragon Sin. Meliodas!
NarratorThe Seven Deadly Sins

Source: ANN

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Please do not remove credit.
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gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun + text posts

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» Taking headshot requests for a limited time



I need practice to find a suitable style to work in for buttons, now that I’m (almost) definitely selling at Zenkaicon again next year, so I’m taking request tonight (maybe into tomorrow, mattering on how many I get)

Here are the request guidelines:

  • Single characters only.
  • No anon requests.
  • I’ll only draw a character once, but if I’ve already gotten a request for your character, I’ll let you know so you can request again.
  • OCs are fine, but only if they are yours. AND if you can link me to a suitable reference. Dollmaker references are not suitable, neither are text descriptions.
  • If I like the design, and it is of a popular character, I may keep the design to sell and make personal profit from at conventions. If you’re not comfortable with this please do not request. Obviously, OCs will not be chosen for such.
  • I will only take requests through ask box (or submissions if your include reference.
  • Requests sent as replies will be ignored.
  • Messages to my art blog or personal blog are both fine.
  • Images will be restricted to a 300x300 px size.
  • One request per person.
  • Images will be posted in groups of 9 (assuming I get that many) starting Saturday, 1 batch a day. The requester will be tagged in the post with their respective image.

Sorry to be so picky! Please request!!

Messages/requests here are fine too! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask

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“The story of a cat who thought it was human”

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Tbh, I’ve never liked the headcanon that Natsu calls Lucy “Luce” and idk why

You probably don’t like it because “Luce” doesn’t translate in Japanese. Lucy is pronounced Ruushee. and Luce would be pronounced Ruusha. It really doesn’t make any sense and I don’t know…

Eh. But honestly, it’s been confirmed that English is the written language in Fiore, so it’s safe to assume it is (before translations for audiences) the common spoken language too. So though Lu-chan is canon, it doesn’t make sense as a nickname is full context of the story’s setting. (Unless it’s coming from someone of obvious Japanese decent, which i don’t particularly feel Levy is) I’ve always assumed that Fiore is a fantasy version of probably Europe, and since the Heartfilia’s have had their business in Fiore for generations, it’s safe to assume that Lucy is a born resident there. With that in mind, Luce actually makes MORE sense as a nickname that Lu-chan ever will. It also is a very natural nickname for Lucy from an English speaker.
I actually would be more inclined to translate Lu-chan to Luce instead of just ‘Lu’ since that sounds like ‘Lou’, a boy’s name.
HOWEVER, with that in mind, I could understand not liking the nickname from Natsu because you’d want something that ONLY Natsu would call her, and Luce could be entirely universal

I never knew that English was the actual language of Fiore! Can you source that kitty, because I would LOVE to read all the info on that. Maybe a little more info about Fiorean culture and what not. That being said though. Fairy Tail is still a Japanese manga and show, so the voice actors themselves and the speakers of Mashima’s native tongue wouldn’t be able to say the nickname without it sounding practically identical. I guess it all comes down to whether the naming in FT would come down to what makes sense to Mashima and what makes sense to the language of the story, and particularly what Natsu as a character would call Lucy. Hell, Natsu canonically called her Luigi at one point xD

Ah sorry, digging up this source has proven harder than I expected, so I’m going to get some outside sources to help me find it, but it was around the time that it was first announced that Fairy Tail was being adapted into an anime, Mashima made a note that all signs and letters should be written in English unless absolutely necessary. I /think/ it was in a tankoban, so finding scans of it is proving harder than I expected. But I’ll get back to you as soon as I find it.

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